My website is currently being completely redesigned.

My old Flash-based site was very cool for 2007, and it had a good run. But the time has come (and yes, a little overdue) to cast it off to the Island of Obsolete Sites… I've begun the rather involved task of rebuilding my site from the ground up. The core of this new site design is a fresh, clean responsive Wordpress parent theme (studiofolio). I'm currently customizing it here and there to make the design my own and give it bit of an edge, while also building out the content of the site. This new site is elegantly responsive and works well across desktop, tablet, and phone. It's a truly modern new beginning.

new site

Content is being added and edited frequently, so please excuse gaps and oddities as things get worked on.

old site

It's old-school Flash, (oh ye purists), but a good place in the interim to see a broad overview of my work.